Hantavirus can be transmitted to humans through the saliva of rodents, such as mice, or through their urine and feces, and cause fatal diseases. So what is this deadly disease? Does it have a cure? How can this virus be prevented? What does it have to do with military biological weapons?


Hantavirus infection is one of the five most common viral diseases in Germany and should be reported as soon as it occurs. A person is infected with the Hanta virus while hiking in the forest, working in the house's garden or cleaning the house's shed or storeroom, for example, according to what the website "WDR" transmits.

deadly diseases

Hantaviruses can be transmitted to humans through the saliva of rodents, such as mice and rats, their urine or feces, or through contact and inhalation of air contaminated with droplets of rodent saliva or dust contaminated with their dry feces. This can lead to fatal diseases in humans, such as pulmonary infection syndrome and hemorrhagic fever, which may be associated with nephrotic syndrome, forcing the patient to undergo dialysis. But the infection is not transmitted from person to person, while rodents do not get sick from this virus, according to the "News Medical" site.

Hantavirus pulmonary infection syndrome is rare but deadly. Symptoms of hantavirus pulmonary infection syndrome include chills, headache, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, abdominal pain, back muscles and lower extremities, and shortness of breath and cough. The percentage of protein in the blood and urine, due to the excretion of protein with the urine, according to medical encyclopedias.

prevention protection

To prevent infection with hantavirus, it is recommended to control mice and rats in the home and keep the houses free of rodents. And it is necessary to go to the doctor if there are mice and rats in the house with muscle pain in humans, strong shortness of breath and high fever.

It is advisable that before sweeping the shed or cleaning the storeroom of the house, the person ventilates these places for 30 minutes, and then wet the floor with water, and then it is possible to start cleaning, but provided that a respiratory mask and gloves are worn, and once the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to wash your hands drastically. 

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