Common medical errors

 The concept of medical error

Common medical errors

 It is an error that occurs in the medical field as a result of a lack of experience or competence of the practicing physician or auxiliary groups, or it is the result of a modern and experimental practice or method of treatment, or the result of an emergency situation that requires speed at the expense of accuracy or due to the complex nature of treatment. Common Medical Errors The most common medical errors are:

 Misdiagnosis of the condition

 Misdiagnosis is one of the most common medical errors, and is considered dangerous because it leads to the use of inappropriate treatment for the patient, and failure to treat the patient's baseline condition, which delays their treatment and can worsen their condition.

 Delayed diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis can be due to people not taking their symptoms and pain seriously.A person may think that this pain is normal and will go away after a short period of time, but in fact, it may be a sign of an illness that requires prompt treatment.

 Medication errors

Medication errors are common and easy to produce, and the main ways they occur are as follows:

The doctor prescribed the wrong medication for the patient.

The doctor prescribed the wrong dose of medication to the patient.

 The nurse gave the wrong medication to the patient.

The nurse gave the wrong dose to the patient.

 The pharmacist dispensed the wrong medication to the patient.

Do not ask the doctor or pharmacist about the patient's sensitivity to a particular type of medication.

 Surgical errors

Surgical errors can occur in any of the following ways:

The doctor performs the surgery in the wrong place. The doctor performed the wrong type of surgery. The doctor left a certain instrument in the patient's body. Failure to monitor the patient's condition after surgery.

 Communication errors

 Failure to communicate properly between the patient and the health care provider can cause many problems, such as not giving the patient medication or giving the wrong medication.


Infections in hospitals can be transmitted to patients in case the hospital does not follow safety, hygiene, sterilization and quarantine instructions, so it is important to follow all instructions to avoid the transmission of infections.

 Problems with medical devices

There are many medical devices used in hospitals, which are very important, but these devices can lead to medical errors if something goes wrong and they do not work properly. So you need to make sure that the device works with the manufacturer. before using it.

An error can be made by the health care provider if he or she is unable to use the device correctly, such as installing or implanting certain devices the wrong way, which can prevent the patient from receiving proper treatment, or the patient can be exposed to serious health problems. Anesthesia errors count

Anesthesia Errors

 One of the most common medical errors in surgery can occur when the physician fails to monitor oxygen and medication levels and make necessary adjustments.

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