cat hair loss

cat hair loss

cat hair loss

 Having a cat in the house is undoubtedly a source of joy for all members of the family, having fun and playing with this fun little creature may never get tired of it, but some may sometimes feel annoyed by those hairs scattered on the bed and carpets, and stuck to the clothes too.

What are the reasons for increased hair loss in cats and what are some ways to prevent it? This is what we will learn in the following lines.

1- Allergy

This is the most common cause of hair loss. Allergies can result from eating certain types of food, medications, contact with certain fabrics or even insect bites, which causes the cat to constantly scratch and remove the hair around the affected areas.

You should see a veterinarian to prescribe the appropriate medication, knowing that some types of allergies can accompany your pet throughout its life.

2- Infection by internal parasites

Such as intestinal worms. These parasites result from eating undercooked meat and food and cause a decrease in the nutrients that the cat's body absorbs from the food.

This infection can be prevented by preparing cat food at home and using prepared food from a reliable source, and it can be easily treated with medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

3- Ringworm Infection

Ringworm is not really a type of worm, but rather a type of fungus that infects the animal's skin and causes hair loss in areas that take on a circular shape, without the appearance of itchy symptoms on the animal.

To prevent this infection, you should keep your pet's skin dry and clean, and you should consult a doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment, which can sometimes take several weeks.

4- Anxiety and tension

A cat's feelings of fear and anxiety cause a noticeable increase in hair loss, as well as when moving to a new and unfamiliar place. You should handle the cat with care when unfamiliar friends enter the house and be careful not to leave it too long with strangers it is seeing for the first time.

5- Lack of important nutrients

Failure to provide the cat with a balanced diet can result in a lack of certain vitamins and minerals that are important for hair health, such as vitamin A and zinc, or nutritional supplements that contain these elements.

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