20 facts about the USA

Facts about America.. 20 surprising facts about the United States of America.

Facts about America.. 20 surprising facts about the United States of America.

 Facts about America. In this article we will review with you information about America, facts about New York and facts you may not know about Uncle Sam's country.

World's Largest Air Force:

The United States has the largest air force in the world as it consists of military aircraft.

It is also one of the most technologically advanced air forces in the world. 

There is no official language!

Most people assume that English is the official language of the United States, but the truth is that while this may be the case in many states, the federal government has never declared an official language of the country.

Most diverse city:

Over 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

Where 4 out of 10 families speak a language other than English.

They keep all the tweets:

The U.S. Library of Congress keeps an archive of all tweets published around the world.

Most oil-consuming country:

The United States consumes more oil than any other country in the world, followed by China and India.

It consumed 18.5 million barrels of oil per day in 2012, or about 20% of the world's total daily oil consumption.

As of this writing, it still consumes the most oil, followed by China and India 

Most Americans are obese:

The obesity rate in the country is nearly 40%, and this is due to Americans' appetite for fat-saturated convenience foods. 

17-year-old boy drawing the American flag:

Every new flag has a very specific design, and for the American flag the arrangement of the stars must be precise and symmetrical.

Amazingly, the American flag is the result of a school project in Ohio by student Robert G. Heft, the actual winning design out of over 1,500 designs and approved by the U.S. Congress. 

hurricane country:

The United States has the highest rate of hurricanes in the world, facing an average of over 1,000 hurricanes each year. 

New York City Subway:

New York City's subway system is so huge that it would take nearly 24 hours to navigate the entire subway system.

With 34 lines, 469 stops and the New York City subway system is one of the largest in the world 

General Facts about the United States of America:

The most populous city in the United States is New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

English is the most common language in the United States, followed by Spanish.

The first man to walk on the moon was American Neil Armstrong (July 21, 1969).

The United States has been the driving force in the development of the Internet.

Foreign automakers make more cars and trucks in the United States than U.S. automakers combined. 

The most popular team sports in the United States are American soccer, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.

Harvard University was the country's first university, founded in 1636.

In various surveys, the U.S. is ranked last in universal health care among other wealthy countries.

Washington Square in New York City was a cemetery with over 20,000 people buried there.

There is no official language at the federal level and the national language is English, followed by Spanish.

The last state to join the United States was Hawaii, which it joined in 1959, and is the only state composed entirely of islands.

More than 70% of the people in the United States profess Christianity.

The largest coal reserves in the world are in the United States.

The Pentagon is the largest office building in the world, with 17 miles of corridors and twice the size of the Empire State Building.

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 for only $7.2 million.

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