The most important steps for body care to make your skin young ❤️❤️

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The most important steps for body care to make your skin young ❤️❤️

 The most important steps for body care to make your skin young ❤️❤️

 Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day

  Getting enough sleep is one of the most important steps to enjoy fresh young skin during this period,;;  The body treats skin problems such as dryness and dull color, so make sure that you sleep from 7 to 9 hours a day.

  *** Shower with cold water

  Many experts advise taking a cold shower because of its many benefits on the skin. It speeds up blood circulation, fights skin aging, treats inflammation and tightens sagging.

 *** Moisturizing the skin of the whole body

 Because it needs hydration, applying moisturizer to the body daily is one of the basic things in order to maintain the youth of your skin and provide it with important vitamins.

  It is best to moisturize the body twice a day, once in the morning after taking a shower and once at night before going to sleep in order to get a more effective result. Make sure to massage your skin with natural oils that will nourish it.

 **** Get rid of dead skin using a dry body brush

 A skin care routine for the whole body, which requires you to use a dry brush to get rid of dead skin because this step refreshes your skin, helps to renew cells, purifies pores and fights skin aging in the body.

 **Exposure to the sun

 Because the sun's rays provide the skin with vitamin C, which gives the skin radiance and freshness, but do not overexpose yourself to strong sunlight so that dark spots do not appear on the body.  If you have sensitive skin, apply sunscreen

 *'' *"Drink water at least a liter and a half a day

 Because the importance of drinking water is not only limited to removing toxins from the body, but also works to moisturize the skin and fight cellulite.  When the water penetrates the cells of the skin in the arteries, it reaches the accumulated fat that makes up cellulite, to break it down to speed up the blood circulation in it.