Ten tips for raising healthy children👶👶

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Ten tips for raising healthy children👶👶

 Ten tips for raising healthy children👶👶

 Raising children is one of the important and difficult matters for parents, in light of the moral and cultural decadence that the world suffers from, it has become

 Education is more difficult than before, so there are some tips to help you raise your children properly

 1- Teach your child to be positive, life is full of events and pressures that make us feel frustrated and depressed, but when you teach your child to think and look at things positively, he can overcome these pressures in the future

 2- Avoiding violence by dealing with your child, studies have proven that children who are subjected to violence by their parents are more hostile in school or in kindergarten, where scientists have shown that aggression at the age of five is very linked with aggression later in a person’s life

 3- Treat your child with kindness and tenderness, because the feelings you give to your child teach him to sympathize with others, and also help him to overcome adversity and obstacles.

 4- Do not tie your child's freedom, release his freedom and allow him to choose what he loves and let him express his opinion. This makes children more open to life and more desire for self-realization and success.

 5- Be sure to settle within your family. Some studies have shown that children who live in a turbulent family environment suffer from sleep and concentration disorders and are more likely to become addicted to drugs or others.

 6- Make sure your child learns the system from a young age, such as setting the time for sleeping and waking up, the time for studying and reading, and a time for entertainment and entertainment.

 7- Teach your child the etiquette of speaking, teach him to thank, ask permission, apologize, listen, not interrupt, and express gratitude and gratitude, so that these etiquettes become a habit that he keeps until he grows up.

 8- Respect your child's privacy so that he learns to respect the privacy of others, and teach him that listening to phone calls and messing with others' things is a shameful thing that should be avoided.

 9- Make your child have a spirit of cooperation and participation by allowing him to play with others and encouraging him to share his games with his brothers and friends, thus helping him to get rid of greed and selfishness.

 10- You must be a good role model for your children because children imitate adults. When parents are the best example for the child, the process of education is facilitated, as the child will strive hard to be an ideal child.