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Information about cough

 Information about cough

 ## A cough is not a disease until we treat it A cough is a symptom of another disease
 ** Cough is treated as being good and expels foreign bodies, secretions and infections, especially light coughing, which does not affect breathing or sleep.

 A little cough is good

 Do you want to treat a cough, treat the cause?

 *"* The most famous and most common cough is the cough caused by the flu (cough and cold), followed by the cough resulting from inflammation and it is called post-inflammatory cough or post-inflammatory allergy.

 Immediately after that comes a cough caused by allergies or asthma

 *** Post-inflammatory sensitivity may persist for 6 weeks after infection, and sometimes more

 Cough medicines have witnessed a boom recently, especially those made from herbs, some of them are made from honey and others from aloe vera and also from thyme or its mixture

 ;;  The causes of cough range from several reasons

 Such as bronchitis, sensing it, passing through a pickpocket, inhaling a foreign body, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and many other causes.

 Are there types of cough that I should go to the doctor when I have it?

 1. Coughing with a strange sound that resembles a barking or a rooster's sound, especially if accompanied by vomiting

 2. Night cough only

 3. Coughing up blood

 4. A cough with shortness of breath or a wheeze sound

 5. A cough with a temperature of more than 38

 6. Shortness of breath to the point that you can't speak 4 words one by one

 7. Coughing for more than 6 weeks

 8. Cough with heavy weight loss