How do I keep my hair healthy??? 😍😍

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How do I keep my hair healthy??? 😍😍

How do I keep my hair healthy??? 😍😍

 There is some information in order to have shiny and healthy hair, which is first: Avoid washing hair on a daily basis and it is preferable to wash hair every two or three days only once because the scalp produces oils useful for hair, and when washing hair excessively leads to the loss of these oils and hair becomes brittle  And it breaks easily

 The scalp can become more oil-producing than the first, making the hair greasy.

 Second: Avoid washing hair with very hot water because it leads to hair damage, and it must be washed with warm water

.  Third: Choosing the right shampoo for hair as it does not contain chemicals such as sulfur that damage hair,

 and choosing products that contain natural materials Fourth: Using conditioner is very important for hair by placing it on parts of the hair, and avoiding placing it on the scalp, as it makes the hair more greasy

.  And the conditioner helps protect the hair from split ends

. Fifth: Washing the hair comb permanently because the hair is greasy produces oils that stick to the comb, which leads to its spread along the hair when combing it again, so the comb must be washed with warm water and shampoo constantly.

  Sixth: Eating healthy food, as you must choose food that contains protein because it is one of the basic components of hair and protein helps in the growth and repair of hair

, and the most important of these foods is meat, eggs, and fish should be eaten once a week because it contains omega-3, which is very important for hair

 Also, you should continue to drink plenty of water, because the hair needs hydration, as well as other parts of the body, such as, skin and nails. Water is very necessary.

 Seventh: Cut the ends of the hair once a month to keep it from split ends, as well as to get rid of the damaged ends of the hair.


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