the five commandments of shaving.

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the five commandments of shaving.

How do you acquire a clean shave? It's clean in case you observe those guidelines to lessen razor burn and get smoother pores and skin than ever.

 the five commandments of shaving.

the five commandments of shaving.

1. Prepare your pores and skin well

Shave ideally withinside the morning, preferably 15 mins after waking up. Cleanse your pores and skin very well to take away extra oil and impurities. Run heat water over your face. You also can shave after showering, as the nice and cozy water softens your hair and pores and skin.

2. Protect your pores and skin

To facilitate the passage of the blade, observe a skinny layer of froth or gel calmly on your pores and skin. Let it take a seat down for a minute. Your pores and skin is prepared for the huge jump!

3. Choose the proper razor

There is a plethora of razors on offer, and innovation is the order of the day withinside the shaver market. Two, three, 4 or 5 blades, bendy, vibrating, with included trimmer... It's difficult to offer actual commands due to the fact shaving is so personal. One phrase of advice: test with some of these razors to discover the only that fits you best. Angular faces can also additionally admire the ultra-bendy blades, touchy skins can also additionally pick the today's technological improvements in 4-5 blades... or now no longer!  The preference is personal, however do not hesitate to strive exclusive merchandise and shake up your habits.

4. Gentle Gestures

Check the sharpness of your blade and do not hesitate to alternate it as quickly because it snags or pulls. Shave withinside the route of the hair to keep away from irritation. Be careful, now no longer all hairs develop withinside the identical route! Start with the least touchy regions which includes the cheeks or neck and end with the regions in which the hair is harder. Use slow, even strokes.

five. After shaving


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Rinse your face very well with bloodless water to tighten the pores of the pores and skin. To soothe and moisturize your pores and skin, observe an alcohol-loose balm or aftershave cream. Don't overlook to rinse your razor after every use!


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