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5 gentle solutions for a better postpartum experience

 The first months of baby are often a real tsunami for young parents. Fatigue, blues, pain, it takes time to recover from childbirth and find your bearings in this new life. Anna Roy, midwife, gives us her advice to better live this period.

5 gentle solutions for a better postpartum experience

After the birth, all interest is focused on the newborn. His awakening, his growth, his sleep. But what about young mothers? To designate this very special period in the shape of childbirth, we speak of postpartum. A term that has become popular on social networks with the hashtag #postpartum. Bleeding, episiotomy suite, post-delivery contractions, moral in the sawtooth, los angeles parole is freed to talk about these small worries that women are not always well prepared. "From a purely medical point of view, this period starts from the second of the expulsion of the placenta until the return of menstruation. If there is no breastfeeding, it lasts forty five days on average, it is sometimes referred to as the "fourth trimester of pregnancy", explains Anna Roy, midwife and author of "los angeles vie rêvée du post-partum" published by Larousse. Only for the specialist, this period can last much longer. "The postpartum is a period where you reinvent your life. This restructuring takes time, I usually say it lasts three years."

To live well the first moments with baby, los angeles sage-femme warns: "Be careful not to jump from the babywearing course to the baby rubdown through the Montessori workshop. A happy baby is a baby who has a happy and rested mother. I often tell moms: take time for yourself." Lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, post-delivery pain, discover five strategies that help live this period more serenely.

Hypnosis to manage lack of sleep.

When faced with a sleep debt, we rarely think of hypnosis. However, this alternative medicine can work miracles. "A 20-minute session can help you recover your energy," explains Anna Roy. "It is often more effective than the injunctions made to women to rest when they can." Lack of time with an elder to manage, impossibility to find sleep because of a maternal hypervigilance, hypnosis gives strategies to get back to sleep. For example, the restful nap, a time distortion method that consists in making the brain believe that a second lasts longer. "Today, with teleconsultation, it is easier to find a specialist," says the midwife.

A balanced diet to compensate for deficiencies

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, the baby draws from the reserves of nutrients of the young mother. Fatigue can be linked to deficiencies in the body, for example in iron, vitamin D or proteins. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for a check-up. The keys to a balanced diet: foods rich in iron (black pudding, liver, oyster ...), omega 3 (sardines, herring, mackerel ...), vegetable proteins such as legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas ...), and of course culmination and vegetables in season, rich in vitamins.

The Rebozo treatment to recover from childbirth

This treatment, traditionally given to women who have just given birth in Mexico, is making its first steps in France. Its name comes from the Mexican shawl used during the session. After a four-handed rubdown and a hammam session, the practitioners (usually two) use the cloth to tighten and loosen 7 body events. Pressure on the joints and the pelvis help the woman to reconnect to her body.

The "winner flow" whistle for the rehabilitation of the perineum

Re-education of the perineum is recommended approximately 6 weeks after childbirth. What is less known is that there is not only one method. Natural, manual, with or without probe or with a whistle. This rehabilitation method is called "winner flow". Depending on the resistance setting on the whistle, it requires a more or less powerful exhalation which allows to solicit the abdominal muscles while protecting the perineum.

Osteopathy, against pain

After childbirth, pain can persist. Pain in the pelvis after the use of forceps, back pain, digestive problems, edema in the legs, the osteopath can intervene to rebalance the body.