The 9 best anti-diabetes foods

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 The 9 best anti-diabetes foods

The 9 best anti-diabetes foods

There are certain foods that can help you control your blood sugar and protect your heart and kidneys. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, this November 13, we took stock of foods 100% suitable for diabetics, with Dr Pierre Nys, endocrinologist and nutritionist, who has just published the guide Je m'initie à Diabetes Food, edizioni Leduc.

Diabetes is a disease of sugar deregulation: "Diabetics do not properly metabolize carbohydrates, which poses two problems: the cells are not sufficiently supplied with" fuel "and the blood remains too" sweet ", wetting the organs in an unsuitable environment ”. explains Dr. Pierre Nys, endocrinologist and nutritionist, in his new book Je me introduce myself to the antidiabetic diet (ed. Leduc.S Practice).



Diabetes: what do you eat for breakfast?

The good news is that in 80-90% of cases, type 2 diabetes is preventable. It is mainly caused by an incorrect lifestyle: sedentary lifestyle, uncontrolled stress or poor diet.

Glycemic card: the basics of diabetics

"The sugars in food are absorbed more or less quickly or in addition or not" post ". We measure this using the glycemic index, explains Dr Pierre Nys. A low GI is between 0 and 55. A GI is said to be medium when it is between 56 and 69.But between 70 and 100, that's a high GI.

"The glycemic index is really the basis of the diabetic. If you follow only one advice, it is this: in addition to the glycemic index of your food close to 0, it is better! "

To lower the glycemic index for your livelihood, here's a week of low glycemic index menus.

Green vegetables: the traveling companions of the diabetic

"Green vegetables are the traveling companions of the diabetic, those who have to find what is on their plate, at lunch and at dinner" insists the endocrinologist.

In the form of raw vegetables, fries, gratins, whole vegetables, green juices (even if breaking the filaments of the vegetables by mixing them increases the glycemic record) ... the ideal frequency is 1 raw vegetable + 1 cooked green vegetable at each meal . You should also systematically combine them with your pasta, rice or potatoes.

allies of diabetics

Lentils, peas and dried beans, otherwise called legumes, are rich in proteins and very slow sugars (low glycemic index). Contrary to popular belief, they are great allies for diabetics because they help stabilize blood sugar easily, says Dr. Nys. The correct frequency is 3 times a week.

Water: the best drink for diabetics

Alcohol, sodas and caffeinated drinks have a negative effect on blood sugar.While water helps the body remove excess glucose from the blood, it decreases the rush to dehydration (slightly in addition to being elevated in the case of diabetes) and reduces the suggestion of hyperglycemia. The ideal is to drink 8 standard glasses of water per day for women and 10 glasses for men. "You can add a dash of lemon juice, it's good!" specifies the doctor.

Filaments: essential for diabetics

Soluble or insoluble, the filaments are among the best allies of the diabetic vehicle helping to regulate the level of sugar in the blood (glycemia), the creation of insulin and helps the body to react better to carbohydrates. Special attention to soluble filaments which attract water and form a good "gel" for the metabolism vehicle which traps part of carbohydrates and fats .


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